CBD Digital World Services Overview

Here is what CAN we do for you

We want to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to your online presence. That is why we developed our proven process with all best-in-class tools, methods and execution. If you are a startup or an existing business that needs a makeover, we are the right solution for you. Our cost effective services and processes covers everything you need to succeed. Our simple-to-choose-from services create high value at low cost – and no confusion on what you get! See below and blow your clients away.

Frequently asked questions

You will get either a brand ew website or we re-design your existing one according to the latest trends on the web. We do everything for you including hosting and security. But we don’t stop here. We create content for you and make sure that the content gets posted on social sites and perfectly ranked in search engines.

We are specialists at creating all sorts of content, e.g. Videos, Blog / Articles and sales campaigns. We know the tool and the techniques to squeeze the most out of them.

Yes, our goal is to get you trained on some of the fundamental things, but we believe your time is better spent doing other things 🙂

The site will be up and running within a few days (or shorter) and content creation starts when you sign up. We will discuss the content blocks with you and we off we go. SEO ranking and all this stuff takes time though. That is out of our hands, but a good rule of thumb is that is takes about months until the search engines have picked up everything form the website and the social sites. But, you will see improvements right away!

Yes, of course. We are not holding you hostage with our program. You can cancel the service at any time. We just need to transition everything over. The Website creation has a 12 months minimum subscription duration.